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I write a lot about telco CDN strategies. So logically I get a lot of questions about my strategies with Jet Stream and especially StreamZilla. Which I of course won’t share :-)

What I can tell is that we have been able to get the highest margins in our industry so far. Which is important because we need to invest as well. StreamZilla has been profitable from the start and although we don’t have the highest traffic volumes, we do have good margins, and we keep increasing our margins. Most CDNs think it is all about volume and traffic. That is just partially true. I’m not going to give away our secrets, but running a profitable CDN is more about efficiency…

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2010-08-03 00:00:00 | Business Marketing

Meet @ IBC

Jet Stream BV, a Netherlands-based developer of content delivery network technology, is attending this year’s IBC, announcing key product upgrades and showcasing impressive demos with its partners on the show floor

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Many companies are investing in online content services. YouTube, Hulu, broadcasters, publishers. These companies build business cases on the boom of online video: advertisement models, subscription models and pay-per-view models. Their business cases depend on scalability and performance of the internet, both broadband and mobile.

Internet vs cable
Cable operators offer good quality and quality of service, but their limited number of channels and titles can never compete with the vast number of internet channels and billions of online videos. Consumers don’t want to be locked into a package anymore. They want to pull content. Subscribers want to be in control. The internet is open and therefore the distribution infrastructure of today and the future. Digital television operators who ignore this fact will face a very difficult future.

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2010-05-07 00:00:00 | Business

Free conference pass for Content Delivery summit

Jet Stream is silver sponsor of the Content Delivery summit 2010 this Monday in New York.

I have one ticket left (value $595) and will give it away for free to one of my readers.

Convince me why you should be the one to win this ticket and we will meet in person in New York in three days…

p.s. next week we will release a CDN telco strategy white paper. A must-read for telco management, writers and industry analysts. More about this in an upcoming post.


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Meet in New York, May 10

Meet in New York: Content Delivery Summit 2010

Jet Stream is silver sponsor of the 2010 Content Delivery Summit, May 10, Hilton New York.

Let’s meet and discuss your challenges and opportunities in the telco / CDN space.

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